A few years ago, pipe manufacturers began to change people's perception of continuous production of pipes. After opening a store in Nashville, Tennessee, the team launched the BriarWorks brand to provide customers with very high-quality pipes through hand-made lenses at some of the best prices on the market. Over the years, the studio has grown considerably and has consolidated its team together with other talented sculptors (such as Sam Adebayo, Bill Shalosky, and Micah Redmond, etc.). Although Prevost is still responsible for day-to-day operations, these craftsmen are indispensable members of the BriarWorks team-applying their hand-made skills to the field of factory plumbing, working in compliance with the same quality standards you expect from their private sector, only in A price point that is easier to obtain. From a series of gorgeous American modern looks in the design studio to executing them in a series of beautiful finishes, you can see their hands in every piece of the Nashville studio.


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